The three pillars of Denver’s superb comeback


The dust still settles from a truly mind-blowing playoff result. The Denver Nuggets came back 3-1 for the second time in the playoffs, wiping out double-digit deficits in each of the last three games against an opponent many considered one of the most talented title favorites in the game. league.

According to the unpredictable probability of winning model in the game, the Nuggets’ chances of advancement fell to 0.2% at their lowest point in Game 5, then to 0.4% in Game 6 and to 8, 1% during game 7. Yet they came back once and twice. , and a third time, and now they’re in the franchise’s first conference finals since 2009. The poor Clippers still haven’t made a conference finals appearance in franchise history.

From the Clippers’ point of view, the result is a calamity, not ifs, and or buts. But for Denver, the team’s play since falling behind Utah in the first round, most ignominiously via a 124-87 shell in Game 3, reflects its promise for both the rest. of these playoffs and for the future. The Nuggets have two transcendent young stars and an aspiring supporting cast; here are the three pillars of their return.


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