The situation of the salary cap of the Montreal Canadiens after the exchange of Jake Allen


Two things were clarified when returning to the NHL after nearly five months of absence: Carey Price can still be one of the best goaltenders in the league when he’s healthy and rested, and the tandem offers a significant advantage.

Especially with this summer’s compressed playoff schedule, many teams felt the need to use multiple goalies, or were strained by injuries. Of the eight teams that made it to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, only the Tampa Bay Lightning didn’t have at least two different goaltenders.

Giving the starter a day off was not a luxury the Montreal Canadiens had in their playoff series. They were going to run with Price, regardless of how far the Habs ran or how many back-to-backs on the program. It was the same during the regular season as well, with Price once again being one of the most used goaltenders in the NHL.

Marc Bergevin realized he had to do something to make sure he saw this version of Price in the next few years of the playoffs, and for the first time in his tenure decided to acquire a goalie from renowned – and relatively big: the old St. Louis. Blues starter Jake Allen.

Adding an additional $ 4.35 million to the department that already employs the NHL’s most expensive goaltender increases the flexibility of the salary cap and would be unmanageable for many NHL teams. The Canadiens, however, have had a good chunk of cap room with them for several seasons now, and could afford to make such a move, especially for the only year remaining of Allen’s contract.


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