The “second wave” crashes in France: hospitals reactivate their alert plans


The French head of the Accidents and Emergencies Union, François Braun, said a second wave of Covid-19 has arrived and hospitals have reached a ‘tipping point’.

His comments, reported in The telegraph, are consistent with other statements currently being made by officials across the country.

France has been battling rising infection rates for a month and recorded its highest daily infection rate on Saturday with 13,500 new cases. For the first time since the lockdown, the death rate is also rising, with 154 deaths on Friday, according to The Guardian.

The echoes reported on Monday that from Tuesday, Italy would require a negative Covid-19 test from all travelers arriving from the Greater Paris region (Ile de France) and six other French regions with high rates. The minister said that “European data is worrying. While Italy is doing better than other countries, we have to be careful. “

The infection rate is currently 160 per 100,000 inhabitants in Paris although the Ministry of Health has reported that the rate of R remains stable.

Infection rates are particularly high in Marseille and the surrounding region, in the Bouches du Rhöne, where new measures were announced on Monday to try to stem the second wave or second wave. Masks were made mandatory in all public places on September 1 but The world reported that in Lyon, all events were limited to a maximum of 1,000 people (vs. 5,000) online with Marseille, Nice and Bordeaux.

At the same time, all public gatherings of more than 10 people in Lyon must be reported to the prefecture. Most events, car shoe sales, exhibitions, etc. are simply canceled, as is the annual Cannes yachting show in early September.

The hospitals of Paris, Montpellier and now the entire southern Bouches du Rhône department have reactivated hospital “white plans” to free up beds, equipment and key personnel.

The government is loath to launch a second lockdown – bars and restaurants remain open, as do schools and universities, but they operate under strict criteria.

The total number of deaths according to The world stands at 31,585 since the start of the pandemic in March.


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