The role of the pharmacist in the management of HIV in France


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In France, antiretroviral (ARV) treatments can be dispensed by hospitals and / or pharmacies. A recent study published in Research and perspectives in pharmacology examined the role of the pharmacist in the management of HIV in this country.

For the study, 2 national surveys were sent. The first was an anonymous questionnaire for people living with HIV and the second was an online survey for community and hospital pharmacies. A total of 1,137 people living with HIV and 246 pharmacies responded.

The surveys focused on drug interviews with pharmacists during ARV dispensing, where patients could receive explanations of efficacy and safety, recommendations for proper use of their drugs, and advice on drug interactions. The surveys also looked at patient medication records online. When these files are offered by pharmacists and accepted by patients covered by health insurance, they can be used to record all the medications dispensed during the previous four months. A patient’s file thus constitutes a tool for coordinating prescriptions, generating advice and identifying precautions in the use of different drugs.

While 58% of people living with HIV were aware of the existence of the online drug file, only 40% of pharmacists said it was offered systematically. It has been offered to 17% of people living with HIV and 80% of those people have accepted it. Only 7% of people living with HIV felt well taken care of because they had been offered medication interviews, but 32% said they would like to take advantage of this program. The results suggest the need for better implementation of medication records and interviews.

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