The Rock Says WWE WrestleMania Match Against Roman Reigns “Would Make Sense” | Launderer report


Joel C Ryan / Associate Press

The old saying never goes to anyone really retires from professional wrestling. With one of the most lucrative film careers on the planet, most assumed The Rock would be the one that got stuck.

The Rock may have other ideas.

In an interview with Hiram Garcia on his YouTube channel, The Rock said that a WrestleMania match with Roman Reigns “would make sense.”

“I know how this conversation is going. “Listen, this is what we think. Roman is now beating you at this WrestleMania, “said The Rock.” But listen, before you say anything. Then on to the next one… that’s when… But you know what, the truth is, I would be honored not only to share the ring with Roman and return to WWE. But of course I would be honored to have her raise her hand on that one.

The 48-year-old hasn’t really fought a full-blown match since his loss to John Cena at WrestleMania 29. He briefly crushed Erik Rowan at WrestleMania 32 in the “fastest match in WrestleMania history”, but it was nothing other than him. deliver a Rock Bottom.

Fans have long been clamoring for The Great One to have one last run in a WWE ring, but he seemed to put that speculation to bed last August when he said he “quietly retired” from the sport.

The overwhelming odds are that The Rock won’t return until we get past the COVID-19 pandemic – if he never pulls out for one last run. WWE would want as many eyeballs as possible on their biggest one-on-one crossover star with Reigns, so they would want a stadium filled to the brim with fans.

In other words: don’t expect this to happen until 2022 at the earliest.


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