The new VW Golf Estate is very sensitive


Let’s start from the back. The new Volkswagen Golf Estate has 1,642 liters of trunk, which means that it is not only more spacious than the car it replaces (up to 22 liters), but more practical than, for example, a Volvo V60 or a BMW 3 Series Touring.Much of that extra space comes from a larger physical size – at 4,633mm long, the Mk8 is a whopping 349mm longer than the Mk7, with a 66mm longer wheelbase. That’s probably why it looks a little odd from the back three-quarters. Certainly not as good looking as the new Skoda Octavia Estate, is it?

Inside, under the hood, and typically just in front of the B-pillar, the new Estate shares everything with the Golf hatchback. From the controversial buttonless dashboard (“almost nothing gets carried over from before – except perfect ergonomic design,” VW wrongly claims) to 48-volt mild hybrid gasoline engines. You can read our review of the VW Golf Mk8, including its interior and engines, by clicking on these words.

Oh, and alongside the Golf Estate, VW is launching the Alltrack. It’s a raised Golf Estate with permanent all-wheel drive and special bumpers – much like an Audi A6 Allroad or a Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain. Niche.

Both are expected to go on sale later this year.


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