The nearly 300 dow point drop due to losses in shares of Apple Inc., Inc.


Pulled down by losses in Apple Inc. and Inc. shares, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sold off Thursday morning. The Dow DJIA,
recently traded 295 points, or 1.0%, down, shares of Apple Inc. AAPL,
and Inc. CRM,
contributed to the intraday decline in the blue chip gauge. Shares of Apple Inc. fell $ 8.08, or 6.2%, while those of Inc. fell $ 13.66 (4.9%), combining for a drag of about 143 points on the Dow Jones. Microsoft MSFT,
Visa V,
et Cisco CSCO,
also contribute significantly to the decline. A move of $ 1 in any of the 30 components of the index equals a swing of 6.58 points.


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