The ‘Mulan’ Exit Survey – The Ringer


Deciding not to wait for U.S. theaters to fully open again, Disney dropped the live-action remake of Mulan on its streaming service Friday for a cost of $ 30. It’s a revolutionary movement that could completely change the way movies are broadcast, even after the pandemic is over. But before we get to all of this, we need to talk about what has actually been released. After the broadcast Mulan from their home theaters last weekend, Alarm the staff gave free rein to their thoughts on the film.

1. How long is your tweet Mulan?

Tunde Saint-Matthieu-Daniel: An adult version of a Disney classic that’s much closer to the original source material. It’s nowhere near the replay value of its predecessor, but it’s properly cast, necessarily updated, and visually worthy of a true theater experience. (Or my couch.)

Jason Gallagher: If you’re an adult too precious for late ’90s animated movies, buckle up or stay home. If you’re a kid or parent of a kid looking for a “big kid” movie that isn’t too crazy, you’ll have a great time.

Claire McNear: Very beautiful, very funny, but also terribly serious. Also, is Jet Li old now ?!

Kate Halliwell: This movie did not include the line “Let’s go kick some Hunny buns”, and as such I would like a refund.


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