The latest travel advice from the UK Foreign Office for Ireland, Belgium, France and the Netherlands


For those who prefer to get to their holiday destination by train, Belgium, France and the Netherlands are good options, the Eurostar getting you there quickly and easily – not having to wait for hours at an airport is always a good start to the vacation. Ireland is also a popular holiday destination, perfect for a weekend getaway to Dublin or Cork, or for a road trip through the whole beautiful country.

While these countries may be the closest to the UK geographically, they are in very different places when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

So, before you book a vacation in any of them, check out the current Foreign Ministry travel tips for each country below.

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Ireland is currently exempt from government advice against all travel except essential travel, which means you won’t have to quarantine yourself when you return to the UK.

Unfortunately Ireland will not allow UK nationals to enter the country without ‘restricting their movement for 14 days’, so it is currently not the case that you can travel to Ireland with the intention of passing through. a long weekend.

However, one way around this is to fly to Northern Ireland and then cross the border.

The Chief Medical Officers of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, however, advise against any necessary travel through Northern Ireland to the Donegal border.


When you return from Belgium to the UK, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days.


France has been one of the hardest hit countries and is weeks ahead of the UK in terms of the second coronavirus peak, so it’s no surprise the government is advising against going there.

If you do decide to go, there are no restrictions for people traveling from the UK, although you will need to complete a ‘affidavit’ confirming that you have no symptoms of coronavirus.

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The government advises against all but essential travel to the Netherlands, and you will need to quarantine yourself for 14 days upon your return from the country.

Travelers to the Netherlands from the UK will not be asked to self-isolate upon arrival in the country.

For travel advice for any country, check out the government’s overseas travel advisory tool here.


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