The Issa brothers face a competitive hurdle over dozens of garages near Asda stores


This could raise fears that Asda faces yet another lengthy competition investigation into the King who missed a £ 10bn bid to merge with Sainsbury’s. This proposal was opposed last year by the AMC.

Andrew Taylor, who offers advice on competitive investigations and co-founded Aldwych Partners, said: “While an agreement would not merge their networks between Asda and EG, they would remain connected. The CMA could ask them to sell these gas stations. ”

Mr Taylor said that until about eight years ago the watchdog’s involvement in the industry was rare, but more and more deals in the industry came under scrutiny after a wave of activity in recent years.

But since then, the CMA has investigated at least a quarter of all gas station transactions. More than half involved acquisitions by competitors MFG, MRH and EG, Taylor said.

EG operates fortresses under the Esso, BP and Shell brands. It belongs to Issas and TDR but is not directly involved in Asda’s offer.


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