The Eevia Health agreement extends the botanical range to France and Belgium


The agreement, which covers distribution in France and Belgium, began last month and builds on an agreement already in place with Denk Ingredients which covers the Eastern European region.“We have learned over the past two years that Natural is a serious and honest distributor,”Says Stein Ulve, Founder and CEO of Eevia Health.

“Their values ​​are consistent with ours, and they bring additional value through their systematic approach to quality and customer satisfaction. At Eevia Health, we are very happy to develop our cooperation with Natural. “

Finland-based Eevia Health specializes in arctic plant extracts that address a number of eye, brain and metabolic health issues.

The company’s extracts, which include organic blueberry, bilberry, chaga mushroom and pine bark, are said to thrive in the country’s arctic conditions, even helping to increase purity and levels. of nutrients.

Investment upgrade

Earlier this year, the company reopened one of its production sitesAfter an investment of 1 million euros to modernize equipment, machinery and technology, adding additional green chemistry production references at the plant in Kauhajoki, Finland.

The company expanded its distribution partnership with Denk Ingredients in January 2017, adding Hungary, Romania and Slovenia to its distribution network.

These territories are in addition to the existing region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland that Denk Ingredients has already served throughout 2016.

With Natural Functional Ingredients on board, this agreement represents another long-term partnership with a trusted manufacturer for Loire Valley distributors.


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