The cast of ‘The Princess Bride’ meet for a virtual table


The cast of The princess to marry will meet for a virtual table read to help raise funds for the Wisconsin Democratic Party.Taking place on September 13 at midnight BST (6 p.m. CST), the one-night-only event will feature Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Chris Sarandon, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Carol Kane, director Rob Reiner and other ‘special guests. ”

Nicknamed “A Virtual Princess Bride Reunion”, there will also be a question-and-answer game hosted by Patton Oswalt,

In order to watch the reading, viewers will need to RSVP through Act Blue. “Anything you donate will be used to make sure Trump loses Wisconsin, and therefore the White House,” the event description reads.

“I think most people now know that Donald Trump has completely abdicated his role as president to represent and defend all Americans,” Elwes said in a statement. “He has failed to protect the country from COVID-19 and, therefore, he is responsible for the devastating chaos, violence and economic collapse that we are currently going through.

“If America is to have a real chance to heal, we have to get rid of Trump. And that is only possible if we win Wisconsin. I am delighted to be part of this very rare meeting of my colleagues from The princess to marry as a way to raise awareness and bring together resources for the state that will determine America’s fate. ”

Oswalt took to Twitter to share his excitement about the table: “I’m organizing this! I’m so geeky for this movie you should click and get tickets just to watch me bore Cary Elwes with questions!

Last year, fans of The princess to marry let’s say they weren’t happy with the news that the movie might be remade.

The commotion began when a remake of Rob Reiner’s beloved fantasy film was briefly discussed in a Variety profile of the film producer Norman Lear.

In the article, Sony Pictures boss Tony Vinciquerra is said to have said: “Very famous people whose names I won’t use, but they want to remake The princess to marry … Not a month goes by that we don’t have an idea from a very big name who wants to do things with Norman.

Meanwhile, the cast of Community gathered for a virtual table read in May in aid of coronavirus relief, and Donald Glover pitched his idea for a spin-off film.

The one-off special saw Glover reunite with the cast of the series, which ended after six seasons in 2015, and was organized in partnership with José Andrés’ COVID-19 relief efforts at World Central Kitchen and Frontline Foods. .


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