“The Bold and the Beautiful” star Tanner Novlan had to keep a huge secret from his show-loving mother


Tanner Novlan, the new kid on the block Love glory and beauty, had a special connection to the series even before he was cast. Her mother is a huge fan of the series. Novlan recently said in an interview that he couldn’t reveal his casting to her, even when he started recording episodes.

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Who plays Tanner Novlan in ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Novlan is one of two new or returning characters who were introduced when the series returned from a production hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Novlan’s character, Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan, is one of the two newcomers. His character is a doctor and a love for Steffy Forrester. The second new character wasn’t exactly a new one, but rather a redesign for a legacy character. Delon from Metz took over the role of Zende Forrester, last played by Rome Flynn.

From the jump, Novlan said his character would be a big contender for Steffy. “Dr. Finn is an outsider, and I think that’s great for Steffy, ”he told Soap Opera Digest. “I think ‘Team Steffy’ is going to be excited for her to have a new man with a new set of values ​​and a new take on what passion and love can bring. I think she’s ready for a new man. Dr Finn is a clinician and professional at first, but how can you not fall in love with someone like Steffy? “

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Novlan couldn’t tell his mom when he started filming

In an interview with Soaps in Depth, Novlan explained how he must have not told his mother about his casting when he started recording episodes. He couldn’t tell anyone at the time because he still had to keep it a secret. “My mother is a huge Fan of B&B, ”he told the publication. “So when I found out I had found the job in March, she was one of those I wanted to say right away, but it was still a secret and I couldn’t say anything. So I had to keep a secret from everyone until we went back in July.

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Her mother is such a fan that their dog is named after a character from the soap opera. He explained, “She’s such a fan that our family dog’s name was Thorne. After Thorne Forrester. And she even spelled it with the “e” at the end! So B&B has been playing in our house since I was a kid, so every story has always been a part of my life.

Because his mother is a superfan of Love glory and beauty, the actor was very familiar with the characters, actors, rivalries and shenanigans of the show. . “I know about it,” he said. Which is quite ironic, because my character, Dr Finn, is an alien. He’s not family or anything yet, so he finds out.

Love glory and beauty airs weekdays on CBS.


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