The beauty of Infiniti QX60 monograph is best not to describe in words


I could tell how really beautiful I think the Infiniti QX60 monograph is. Or, if I really want to capture the real essence – the “language,” in the official language of Infiniti – of the company’s new “muscular design direction”, I could quote Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of design. global Nissan, or Taisuke Nakamura, Senior Design Director at Infiniti, who thinks his design concept is Da Vinci-inspired or origami-based, depending on whether they describe the whole or just the grille.They can both weave a rather picturesque description of their latest sculpture, with Nakamura offering that “the highly reflective nature mimics the qualities of liquid metal, allowing the surface of the body to capture the shadows and lights of the surroundings,” while ‘Albaisa says the monograph’ Embodies the Japanese concept of Ma, a sense of minimalism where designers seek harmony, adding just the right amount of elements with a very specific meaning.

But, since this QX60 is the most elegant new exercise in SUV styling I’ve seen since the 2008 unveiling of Land Rover’s LRX (later to become the Range Rover Evoque), I think I’ll just shut up and let go. the images speak for themselves.

The only other thing I will say is that this is still a concept and both designers explain how it represents a “direction” that Infiniti is pursuing. Hopefully they get smart and produce it exactly as it is.


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