Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert welcomed their second child together. According to Iman, their baby girl arrived on Sunday morning. He shares with a video of the newborn, “At 3:28 am on September 6, 2020, Rue Rose decided that the baby shower started for her and mom was too bright. She did not party but she managed to make the next day her date of birth !!!

He continues, “Now… when we buy houses we always find a bathroom with great energy… but not in a million years you would be able to tell me that we would deliver our two daughters in a bathroom. bath without the help of a hospital! Our latest edition entered the water world and came out looking around and ready to explore! A healthy child. A little sister. Another girl. Black love wins… again. Welcome babygirl… we love you! ”

“We love you Rue, welcome little girl,” Teyana added.

In June, Teyana revealed to Nick Cannon Radio on Power 106 that Erykah Badu was going to give birth to her second child.

“I’m considering a home birth and will actually do it with Erykah [Badu]Teyana said. “You know, I feel like if I did it once without any warning, I could do it fully prepared this time. Giving birth like that was scary but it was such a powerful thing.

Taylor gave birth to her eldest daughter, Iman “Junie Bug” Shumpert Jr., in the bathroom of her home. Junie’s arrival came with little warning as Teyana was on the phone with her mother the moment her water broke. Iman Shumpert Sr., with the help of a 911 operator, delivered the couple’s eldest daughter. Teyana and Iman held their wedding ceremony in the bathroom of their home months later as a symbol of where their baby girl’s life outside the womb began.

Congratulations to the couple.

Photo: @Karencivil


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