Tesla V3 superchargers surprisingly charge other electric vehicles for free


The latest Tesla V3 superchargers (250 kW units with CCS2 sockets) installed in Germany (possibly also in other European markets), allow charging all CCS2 compatible electric cars – not just Teslas.Depending on EV channel and rental company Next step, V3 superchargers have some kind of bug in their authorization sequence and start charging any connected EV.

Some sources say V2 superchargers, equipped with CCS2 outlets, can charge other EVs as well.

It should only work with Tesla cars (as Tesla has not yet partnered with any other brand to make supercharge available to other EVs), and owners of those cars would be charged (except cars with free supercharging).

Due to the bug, not only other EVs can use V3 superchargers with CCS2 plugs, but they can do so for free! It’s even better than in the case of Tesla Model 3, which is forced to pay. We believe the poor IT division will have a hot weekend trying to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Next step demonstrated that V3 superchargers can be used by different models, including Porsche Taycan, which could take over 125 kW. Other models could usually only draw around 50 kW, but remember this was only a brief test.

The list of tested models also includes Volkswagen ID.3, Kia Niro EV (e-Niro), Opel Ampera-e (a retired European version of Chevrolet Bolt EV), Hyundai Kona Electric.

Tesla reportedly confirmed this was not intentional, but a bug that needs to be fixed.

And here is also Renault ZOE at the Tesla Supercharging station:

Well, if you don’t have a Tesla but drive other cars, it looks like you can finally visit a Tesla Boost Station and find out what it’s like to supercharge.

It’s like a free trial, right? Who knows, maybe one day Tesla’s network will officially become open to others, but we don’t think so. It’s too valuable an asset for the company, which attracts customers specifically to Tesla electric vehicles.


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