Tesla cuts powerpack price by 27% on battery day


Tesla significantly lowered the price of its Powerpack battery system today ahead of its Battery Day event.We haven’t talked much about Powerpack lately.

It has been relegated to the background since Tesla introduced the largest Megapack for large-scale projects.

However, Tesla still manufactures the product and it is still in use for many commercial scale projects, such as the Electrify America charging stations.

Now we have learned that Tesla is reducing the price of the Powerpack.

Earlier this year, Electrek reported that Tesla revealed the price of the battery system through its new commercial solar configurator.

At the time, the Powerpack was sold for $ 172,000 before incentives and including a commercial inverter.

A tipster has now pointed out to Electrek that Tesla updated the prices today, reducing the Powerpack to $ 125,000:

That brings the cost of the system down to $ 539 per kWh, but that includes the expensive commercial inverter.

The price per kWh drops significantly when adding more power supplies to the same inverter system.

It is also without incentives.

Tesla’s price guide for commercial solar is only available in California, where they have strong incentives to store energy for self-generation.

According to Tesla’s configurator, a Powerpack can be added to a 40kW solar system for just $ 26,000 after the incentives.

The price change comes as Tesla is set to announce new batteries at its Battery Day event later today.

Taking Electrek

While the timing is interesting, it could be completely a coincidence, but I guess we’ll find out in a few hours.

That’s a significant price drop before the incentives, but the system was already expensive to begin with.

The difference in price can also be on the inverter side and not on the battery side.

Either way, it’s worth noting, especially given the crazy incentives in California. If I were a business owner in California, I would definitely consider this solution.

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