“Tenet” Rises to $ 200 Million and More Worldwide, with Nearly $ 30 Million in Domestic Market Still Slowed by Pandemic – Deadline


Warner Bros. and Sony have revealed their box office numbers for the world and city, to finally see this weekend with respectively Principe with a national running box office gross on the date of 29,5 M $ domestic and 200 M $ + WWand Tri-Star’s The gallery of broken hearts opening to 1,125 M $ stateside at 2204 theaters in 4th place.Over 3 days during his second weekend, Principe made 6,7 M $, -29% off last weekend’s 3 Labor Day Days at 2,910 locations, up from 100 locations (when you do the math, it was $ 9.4M last weekend , not $ 11.2M as some thought). The WW weekend gross total was $ 37.3 million. The total of foreign BO running is $ 177.5 million.

Warner Bros.

Good news for Christopher Nolan’s film which was saddled by a B Cinemascore last weekend, and a PostTrak 79% overall positive, with a definitive recommendation of 49%: Comscore / Screen Engine PostTrak releases increased to 80 % and a definitive recommendation of 65%, the latter a little higher than Dunkerque at 63%. It’s very good for word of mouth. RelishMix shows sentiment on social media to be largely positive.

Warner Bros & Sony Hiding Rival Studios Box Office Numbers on “Tenet” and “Broken Hearts Gallery”: Here’s Why

It is interesting to note that Los Angeles, which remains largely closed, was the first market for Principe, with the black Nolan time-travel seeing a big bounce from the reopening of Orange County, and the two best locations for the photo being AMC OC, the Regal in Irvine Spectrum and the 4th highest location being Paramount Drive -in Los Angeles. It just goes to show how powerful the market is for a movie like this. Third highest place for Principe was AMC Tyson Corners in McLean, VA and 5th best was AMC Pembroke Lakes in Florida.

Top 10 DMA Markets for Principe were Los Angeles (Orange County), Dallas, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Toronto, Greater New York (New Jersey and Connecticut feeding this DMA while NYC is, again, closed), Houston, Atlanta and San Diego. Premium tickets from Imax and Dolby provide Principe with its juice. Principe won $ 725,000 in 290 Imax auditoriums (the film was shot in the format), which is a 34% drop from last weekend’s FSS total despite no Monday vacation this week for increase Sunday profits. Imax running the US cume on the film Nolan costs $ 3.8 million, 13% of the photo’s overall national box office.

Outputs updated on Principe: Pic still leans toward men at 64% versus 36% for women. More than 25 people are at 61%. The diversity breakdown shows 60% Caucasians, 16% African Americans, 13% Hispanics and 10% Asian.

By mixing relish, PrincipeThe social media universe grew moderately by 8.9 million on YouTube, to a total of 245.7 million, mostly on owned trailers. Added to this, the film’s Facebook added 6.5k new fans, an average of 750 new fans per day decreasing by 1.5k per day while the Principe Instagram added 7.9k new followers up to 77.9k and additional 2k on Twitter up to 52k.

The gallery of broken hearts

Dacre Montgomery and Geraldine Viswanathan star in “The Broken Heart Gallery” by TriStar Pictures.

Los Angeles was also the primary market for Broken Hearts Gallery, speaking of the continued power of drive-ins and the coastal market (Orange County also powers the big LA DMAs). Dallas, Phoenix, Toronto and Chicago were the # 2 through 5 markets, respectively, for the independent romantic comedy written and produced by Natalie Krinsky which Sony acquired at an estimated cost of $ 8 million. All in all, a low risk value proposition for Sony in today’s market, aimed at moviegoers under 25 who are more likely to return to theaters during the pandemic. Sony has moved most of its major 2020 releases to 2021 with Lord & Miller connected on October 23, the romantic comedy of Tri-Star The happiest season November 25 and Escape room 2 December 30 being the last three of this year for the Culver City, Calif. lot. Friday with previews was $ 422,000, Saturday $ 433,000 + 3% and Sunday $ 270,000. Cinemascore was a B, but PostTrak showed 4 stars and 77% in the first two boxes. Women led at 75%, with 50% under 25. Sony is hoping for a near 5x multiple similar to Roadside Attractions’ YA movie Words on the bathroom walls, which opened at $ 432K, and now has $ 1.95M after five weekends. This past weekend on this movie coming to 241 000 USD at 1003 theaters, -32%, in 7th place.

By RelishMix, four days ago Broken Hearts GalleryOpening in theaters, Sony tapped executive producer Selena Gomez’s social network of 342.5 million on Facebook (61 million), Twitter (62.5 million), YouTube (26 million subscribers) and Instagram (193 million). to file certain documents. However, standing out on Gomez’s social network is tricky as she recently launched a streaming cooking show. Selena + Chef on HBO Max along with his other makeup line projects. This trailer that she posted to Instagram six days ago garnered 7.1 million views while her special 3-day message to fans below was closer to 19K views. Gomez said she got on the project because it was “light” and “it’s something we need right now.” In his trailer, Gomez wrote, “@brokenheartsgallery is finally out on Friday! I am thrilled to be producing a film directed and written by a first-time filmmaker @nkrinsky. While you may see this movie in some theaters, remember COVID-19 is not fake news – so please follow the safety guidelines in order to enjoy the movie experience with the lowest possible risk. Oh and here’s a special trailer we made with my song “Souvenir” ”

Open road / voltage

Voltage’s YA movie After our collision opened in Canada ahead of the United States (where Open Road did for its theatrical VOD debut on October 23) for a gain of $ 690K over 3 days in 290 theaters, a 30% increase from the opening of the first movie last year which was $ 540K. This translates to the United States. $ 525K for 5th place in the national BO ranking. This is a great result for the sequel written by Anna Todd, given that the first film benefited from its synchronized debut with the United States and the sequel is being shown in a limited auditorium room. After our collision opened in n ° 1 last weekend in Italy. Nancy will have an update soon. Prior to Friday, the sequel had $ 10.2 million overseas. Bursts After our collision grossed $ 340,000, including $ 100,000 in previews, which was distributor VVS’s best preview day. Saturday brought in $ 200,000 and Sunday is estimated at $ 150,000.

Other domestic notables:

In second place was 20th / Disney’s The new mutants with a third weekend of 2,1 M $, -30%, to 2,704 (-50%) and a running total of $ 15.3 million.

# 3 belongs to Solstice studios Imbalance the weekend 5, at 2365 (-37) which was worth 1,5 M $ (-16%) for a running cume of $ 13.8 million. Saturday’s drive-ins still prevail for the film Russell Crowe, with the main locations being the Five and Stardust in Toronto, Vineland in Los Angeles, Cine-Parc Eustache in Toronto DMA, and Starlight in Cincinnati.

The n ° 6 is that of Orion / UAR Bill and Ted face the music with a third weekend of 265 K $, -66% on 807 sites (-146) for a cumulative total of $ 2.78 million.

Again, nothing above is surprising as we know, but how do you build momentum in a fractured market with no product? What it also shows is that LA, New York and San Francisco remain the engines of sentiment and strength at the box office. This is what it looks like when we don’t have these cities, and 30% of the exhibition market remains closed and many auditoriums have reduced capacity across the country in the order of 25%. Warners said they always knew the servant was going to be slow Principe given that the market is lagging behind other foreign markets. With COVID-19 under control in a number of key territories, such as China, moviegoers simply feel comfortable returning to the movies, a diagnosis that isn’t completely perfect here in the United States. Principeway to Disney / Marvel Black Widow November 6, and hopefully subsequent weekends can maintain single-digit takes until NYC and LA arrive.

Meanwhile in China, and Nancy will have more about it, Mulan opened at # 1 with $ 23.2 million, not that strong in light of what the market has done, and the feature caught in a political reticule between the US and China. The overall weekend was $ 29.1 million and the total offshore operations are $ 37.6 million.


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