Tenet is always on top!


Tenet is always on top!

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s winding spy epic PRINCIPE once again sitting in the top spot at the overall minimal box office with a guess $ 3.4 million for the weekend.

The sci-fi thriller PG-13 now sits at a national total of $ 41.2 million after four weeks on North American screens. He sails with much larger companies overseas, for a worldwide total of $ 283 million.

The $ 200 million Warner Bros. movie, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, does not appear to be successful for many weeks. As expected, Disney pushed Marvel BLACK WIDOW November 6 to May 2021, and the Kenneth Branagh Set Murder Mystery DEATH ON THE NILE floated from October 23 to December 18. If the current schedule holds, TENET will have almost two months to continue making money before the James Bond film NO TIME TO DIE hits on November 20.

The spin-off of the PG-13 mutant THE NEW MUTANTS stayed in second place with 1,1 million de dollars for a nationwide total of $ 19.4 million in its fifth weekend. Director Josh Boone’s horror-flavored entry into the X-MEN franchise has the same amount from overseas audiences for a worldwide total of $ 38.8 million.

In third place, the thriller Russell Crowe WITHOUT CHARGE with 1 million de dollars, bringing the R-rated road rage terror to a national total of $ 17.1 million and a worldwide total of $ 26.2 million (out of a reported cost of $ 33 million).

The opening in fourth place was BREAK THE SILENCE: THE FILM with 980 000 $ for the weekend. The K-pop superstars documentary BTS has a current worldwide total of $ 5.3 million.

The 1980 sequel STAR WARS: EPISODE V – THE EMPIRE VS RETURN Force hit 2,100 screens this weekend, because… well, why not at this point.

The film’s reappearance settled in fifth place and added another 908 000 $ to its running total, which now puts it at a national figure of $ 291.1 million (unadjusted for inflation), including its original release and the 1997 big-screen reissue of the Special Edition.

In sixth place, the political thriller Jim Caviezel UNFAITHFUL with 745 000 $ for a total of $ 2.6 million over ten days. The romantic comedy Dacre Montgomery / Geraldine Viswanathan THE GALLERY OF BROKEN HEARTS followed in seventh place with 470 000 $ for the weekend, bringing it to $ 3.2 million after three weeks.

The low budget monster movie SHORTCUT came out on 725 screens this weekend. R-rated horror thriller, about stranded bus full of students threatened by deadly creature, caught 305 000 $ for its debut.

Willing movigoers had a rare opportunity to see Neo-Tokyo explode on the big screen this weekend as another sci-fi classic made its way to 440 locations with the 4K release of the 1988 anime. AKIRA.

Adapted from his popular manga series, Katsuhiro Otomo’s futuristic R-rated story about teen biker gangs and psychic mayhem has been collected 270 000 $ for the weekend.

Fast food comedy THE LAST CHANGE and the drama Evan Rachel Wood / Gina Rodriguez KAJILLIONAIRE were also new to screens this weekend, making $ 235k and $ 215k respectively.

While Disney + subscribers can experience the live-action remake of MULAN (for $ 30 more), Disney’s $ 200 million update to the legendary tale has made its way onto screens around the world and has so far grabbed $ 64.4 million worldwide.

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