Tayshia Adams opens up about first appearance on show since redesign


Each season, Chris Harrison boasts that viewers are going to experience “the most dramatic season of all time.” This time, he might be right. After pushing the production of La bachelorette back due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), filming only resumed for Clare Crawley to leave two weeks later. Now reports say Tayshia Adams has replaced Crawley, making her the second black bachelorette girl in the series’ history.

Tayshia Adams | Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

Clare Crawley replaced by Tayshia Adams

Pushing back the shoot gave Crawley and his contestants a chance to get to know each other before meeting at the Bachelor Manoir.

“You can kind of tell the lifestyle of people like from Instagram stories, and I see some of them saying to me ‘It’s not really my vibe’, and others where I look at them. and I’m like, “Oh, that’s hot. I can’t wait to meet this guy. I hope he is in the season, ”she said on the Happy Hour Bachelor Podcast.

During his break, Crawley started talking to football player Dale Moss. The two got closer rather quickly.

“One of her potential guys found a way to get in touch with her and they started talking,” a source told People. “By the time filming officially started, they were already in love. No one else had a chance. It became so obvious on her next few dates that her heart wasn’t there and she just didn’t feel it. Then she said she wanted to go out.

Thankfully, Adams had been on the shortlist to be the Bachelorette before Crawley was chosen, so she had already been interviewed for the job and was ready to jump in.

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Tayshia Adams speaks for the first time since her casting

While all this drama with La bachelorette took place, the franchise aired The bachelor: the best seasons – ever! which traces the old seasons of the show. Adams appeared in the Monday night episode that recapped Nick Viall’s season.

During the show, she spoke about how much seeing Rachel Lindsay in the franchise means a lot to her.

“I’m from Orange County, California so this is my world,” she said, addressing Harrison and Bachelor alum Natasha Parker. “And what I mean by that is I’m very used to being a minority. So seeing someone on TV play such a big part and identify with me meant so much. ”

Parker responded by saying that seeing Lindsay in the role of Bachelorette made her feel comfortable being on the show.

“I think that’s what encouraged me to keep going, because she was so real and genuine to herself, and at the end of the day she got her person,” Adams continued. “She’s… married now, and she’s had her fairytale ending, and that’s what I wanted.” So she gave us hope.

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Adams’ appearance in last night’s episode may have been filmed earlier this summer, before she was made into the Bachelorette, but even so, the foreshadowing in her comments is almost too bizarre to be. a coincidence.

Crawley’s season La bachelorette is slated for release on October 13 although Adams has not officially appeared in any of the season’s commercials.


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