Taiwan warns the world is dangerously complacent about China’s invasion intentions | World | News


Speaking to German media DW, he said: “The threat from China is very real. Therefore, Taiwan’s preparation is also very serious. We are trying to deal with the military threat day in and day out. “

Last week, when Chinese planes crossed the middle line between China and Taiwan 40 times, Beijing simply said that the middle line did not exist because “Taiwan belongs to China.”Foreign Minister Wu has warned the democratic world to control China’s aggression before it is too late.

He said: “They try to export the authoritarian international order while democracies follow the rules-based international order.

“If China succeeds in conquering Taiwan, I think the rest of the world, especially democracies, will feel the heat.

“See, for example, recent developments in Hong Kong. ”

Speaking of Beijing’s intentions vis-à-vis Taiwan, Carrico has a stern warning, he added: “We must not only prepare for the worst, as they say, but in fact for possibilities that are beyond our worst imaginations. .

He added, “China is changing the status quo in its relations with Taiwan, and the world constantly underestimates the disasters of Chinese policy even in their most pessimistic forecasts.”


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