Taiwan Reports 46 Incidents Involving Chinese Airplanes in Past 9 Days | Taiwan


China has threatened or entered Taiwan airspace 46 times in the past nine days, the island’s Defense Ministry said, as Beijing increased pressure on the island it considers forming part of its territory.A People’s Liberation Army plane breached the island’s air defense identification zone at altitudes of 2,300 meters (7,545 feet) and 9,000 meters (29,527 feet) on Thursday in what it said. called the actions “provocative”.

The ministry said on Twitter that it suspected the plane to be a Yun-8 anti-submarine aircraft and issued radio warnings, scrambled fighters, and deployed anti-aircraft missile systems in response.

The latest incident brings the total number of incidents in the past nine days through September 24 to 46, the SETN news channel reported, citing the ministry.

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu on Tuesday urged Beijing to “return to civilized international standards” after a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry openly rejected a maritime border in the Taiwan Strait – the so-called line median – which had been widely respected. The official said there could not be such a line because “Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory.”

Tension between China and Taiwan has increased since President Tsai Ing-wen first took power in 2016, but it has intensified since her re-election in a landslide in January.

Tsai rejects Beijing’s view that Taiwan – self-governed for 70 years and one of the region’s most dynamic democracies – is part of “One China”.

The more assertive positioning of the United States on Taiwan, in a context of sharply deteriorating relations with Beijing, has added to the tension.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said the incursions were at their most intense late last week when Keith Krach, the US Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment , arrived on the island to meet Tsai and attend a memorial service for former President Lee. Teng-hui.

Krach was the highest U.S. State Department official to visit the island in 40 years.


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