Taco Bell now sells its own personalized wine


Taco Bell is launching its own personalized wine, Jalapeño Noir, to accompany its Grilled Cheese Chalupa. The mouth-watering combination is only available for a limited time in Canada to celebrate the launch of the menu item.

Taco Bell Canada said in a statement that the duo were “irresistible,” adding that “the rich taste and crunchy texture of the beloved Toasted Cheesy Chalupa complements the wild strawberry, cherry and beetroot notes in this red wine. silky limited edition. The wine is made in a vineyard in Ontario, Canada.

The wine, which is called a collector’s item because it has three unique bottle labels, costs $ 25 Canadian or around US $ 19. Fans can purchase it from the Taco Bell Canada website or in certain locations in Ontario.

The wine will no longer be sold in the United States once the same chalupa launches in November. This addition is part of a larger menu rework that has seen some fan favorites removed to make room for new items.

However, some Taco Bell restaurants in the United States sell both food and an assortment of alcoholic beverages (but not the personalized wine) at their Cantina restaurants.

Wine brands that partner with reputable core customers are nothing new. Kellogg’s (K) sold a boxed red wine from House Wine and Cheez-Its snacks earlier this year. The product met the demand of customers who often mix the two.


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