Sushant Singh Rajput helped me build a career when struggling, says choreographer Ganesh Hiwarkar


Choreographer Ganesh Hiwarkar remembers how his dear friend, the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, not only kept him from committing suicide, but also ensured that his career as a dance teacher flourished in the city. He says Sushant gave him emotional, moral, and financial support despite being a struggling actor and dancer at the time.“It was in 2007. It was Sushant’s idea to make a brochure for my dance class. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about these things at the time. I would normally run my class with only five or six students. Sushant was associated with Shiamak Davar, and he said it was not the right way. He told me I had to advertise to attract more students. He got the brochure and timeline from Shiamak and showed it to me, saying that’s how branding should be done, ”Ganesh told IANS.

“Sushant not only gave me the idea for the brochure, but created it as well. I still remember him sitting at a computer all night looking for a suitable name for my dance class, my brochure design and all that. The text was also planned by him – what to mention for children, what to write to attract mature students. He also posed for the photos printed in the brochure, ”Ganesh added.

The choreographer went on to explain how the cost of his dance class brochure was also borne by his friend Sushant, who was himself a struggling actor and dancer at the time.

“The cost of the brochure was also covered by him. I come from a middle class family and could not afford to spend the amount at that time. It had cost him between 15 and 20,000 rupees I guess at the time. My fees at that time. The time was 1000 rupees per student, one of them being Sushant. I had to survive on Rs 5000 in Mumbai so I couldn’t dream of spending stuff like brochures. He was struggling at the time, but he didn’t think twice before spending the amount on my brochure. Not only did he save me from suicide, but he also made sure that I focused on my career as a dance teacher. It was Sushant, ”Ganesh recalls.

He recalled: “Sushant would take me on his Splendor bike, around town to meet people. This is how he helped me find a job as a dance teacher at Anupam Kher Drama Academy where I taught for a while. “

Asked about satisfaction with the investigation into the Sushant death case, Ganesh said, “These are very high level things, not that I understand a lot. Over the past two days, the media have been chasing Kangana (Ranaut). ”

Does this mean that media attention has shifted from Sushant? ” Not that. Sushant’s news is also shown. And Kangana backed up the case by talking about drugs and all that. I know people get impatient and want agencies to find a solution quickly, but I understand that it cannot be done in a hurry. This is not an easy task. That’s why they take time. But I firmly believe that the truth will come out, ”he said.


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