Students who test positive for coronavirus, throw party


A college student house threw a party over Labor Day weekend that included people who had recently tested positive for the coronavirus, according to camera footage of the police body.

Oxford Police cited six men on Saturday who attended a house party near the University of Miami for violating the mass rally and the state’s quarantine order.

Bodycam footage shows an officer arriving at a house near campus and finding unmasked men on the porch.

One of the men told police 20 people gathered in the house, double the number of people allowed to congregate in Ohio. The officer asks the group to disperse while they pass the ID card of one of the residents.

“I’ve never seen this before,” hears the officer say to the student after presenting his ID card. “Is there an entry on the computer that you tested positive for COVID?” ”

“Yes,” the student replies. He goes on to reveal that he tested positive a week before and that everyone at the party has COVID-19, including two people from the house across the street.

” Oh my God. This is what we are trying to prevent, ”replied the officer. “We want to keep this city open. ”

The officer asked why the students were not practicing a self-imposed 14-day quarantine, as recommended by state and federal health officials.

More than 1,000 University of Miami students have tested positive for COVID-19 since classes began this fall, according to the WKRC.

Governor Mike DeWine said in a briefing Thursday that the cases in Miami are the reason Butler County remains at Level 3 of the state’s public health advisory system.

The university still plans to start classes in person on September 21. But school officials have warned that students who refuse to take a test will be denied access to campus services and will have to return to distance learning.


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