Steph McGovern needed therapy after terrible night terrors over losing baby


Steph McGovern spoke of the vivid night terrors she suffered, which focused on the loss of a baby.The 38-year-old BBC Breakfast presenter revealed she needed therapy to overcome nightmares she had suffered for years before becoming a mother.

Steph gave birth to a daughter last November but has since feared losing her, after nightly dreams that terrified her.

As she prepares to launch her new daytime live show, Steph’s Packed Lunch, she has spoken out in hopes that it might help others who have experienced a similar fate.

Steph McGovern opened up about his night terrors

Speaking to The Sun, Steph said, “I never really feel stressed out, but the way it shows in me is at night.

“I have crazy dreams and terrible night terrors.

“When I was younger I worried about school affairs. Once I walked out the door and went to school – in my sleep, in my uniform – at two in the morning. ”

Steph said that as adults, the nightmares apparently became more real.

She continued, “As they got older they got more lively. And since I have a baby, I will wake up regularly and think I lost her. “

Steph McGovern lance le Packed Lunch de Steph sur Channel 4

Steph said the nightmares consisted of thinking that she had “dropped” or “lost” her baby.

The situation had become so serious that Steph’s partner had found her “on the floor, hanging out under things or in cupboards, looking for the baby”.

She said it was “really pretty scary” what her “brain was tricking” her to do while she slept.

Steph confessed that “lately the night terrors are about not being able to do my job. ”

Detailing a recent incident at her home, Steph said she had dreamed that she was “live on the studio floor and saw a man exposing himself to me, pressing himself naked against the glass. It was horrible. “

Steph McGovern suffered several nightmares

She said her partner must have calmed her down after finding her ‘screaming’ as Steph ‘jumped out of bed and ran to the wall and screamed,’ This is an indecent revelation! I could get you arrested for this! “”

Steph sought advice after this episode and although she said she was not “cured” it gave her some coping mechanisms to deal with the disturbing dreams.

She said there was a new bedtime routine to help and Steph revealed, “It’s all about the baby now.

“Thoughts are not rational – it is totally irrational. But it’s something that I got help with. ”

She said this therapist helped her discover that “it all depends on how you go to bed at night, how well you have peace of mind when you go to bed.”

Now there is no “looking at your phone, no reading terrible stories or watching the news” before you go to bed.

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