States Should Prepare For COVID-19 Vaccinations By Nov. 1, CDC Says


The Centers for Disease Control urged governors to prepare for the distribution of a coronavirus vaccine before November 1, ie two days before election day.CDC Director Robert Redfield sent the August 27 letter to governors, informing them that the government was contracting the McKesson Company to distribute the vaccine to local health departments and doctors’ offices and asked them to ” speed up all requests for distribution facilities requested by the company. . CBS News obtained a copy of the letter, first reported by the McClatchy News Service.

“DCC is urgently requesting your assistance in speeding up applications for these distribution facilities and, if necessary, asks you to consider waiving requirements that would prevent these facilities from becoming fully operational by November 1, 2020,” the letter. “Any requirements you may be asked to waive in order to expedite vaccine distribution will not compromise the safety or integrity of the products distributed. ”

Mr Trump has raised the possibility that a vaccine will be ready for distribution by the election or soon after, although most medical experts do not expect widespread vaccinations until 2021.


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