Star Wars fans praise John Boyega for never ‘phoning’ his performance as Finn


While Star wars is a beloved franchise around the world, not all fans are happy with how the final sequel trilogy unfolds. One element of the trilogy that disappointed the most Star wars fans was the way Finn’s character was treated.

The consensus among fans is that the Star wars The franchise ended up abruptly dropping the character of Finn. The actor who plays Finn in the movies, John Boyega, also didn’t hesitate to feel. Through multiple interviews, Boyega made it clear that he strongly agrees with fans that the character of Finn lacks the attention and development of the writers he deserves.

Despite Boyega’s dismay at the way his character was handled, he gave it his all in every scene. Fans recognized Boyega’s work and celebrated the fact that he never called her despite poor service to his character.

Read on to learn more about Finn and why fans are so upset with the way the character has been handled throughout the sequel trilogy.

‘Star Wars’: The Problem With Finn

John Boyega | Justin Setterfield / Getty Images

Finn entered Star wars as a stormtrooper in the First Order. However, unlike most stormtroopers, Finn’s character was written as a sentient stormtrooper with a conscience to boot.

Finn’s character represents a dichotomy between a heartless stormtrooper and a kind-hearted hero. Finn was raised to serve the First Order. However, he must relinquish his allegiance to the First Order after his conscience no longer allows him to murder innocent people.

Throughout the Star wars Following the trilogy, Finn undergoes significant character development. His change in morality led him to leave the First Order and join the Resistance.

Joining the Resistance not only relieves Finn’s conscience, but allows him to experience a sense of family for the first time in his life.

While this character development sounds great, the writers simply missed the mark with Finn.

Finn is a really interesting character. However, portraying Finn as a multi-layered character is never executed properly throughout the series. Fans are left with one hollow character that would have benefited from further exploration.

Reflections of John Boyega

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Die-dur Star wars Fans aren’t the only ones who feel robbed by the lack of developmental writers given to Finn throughout the sequel to the trilogy. John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn, also felt that the writers had done Finn a disservice and Star wars Fans.

During several interviews and on his online platforms, Boyega has revealed that he simply feels that after three films, Finn just hasn’t received the attention he deserves. Fans were never allowed to know Finn the way they should have.

As disappointment surrounded his role as Finn, the Star wars franchise gave Boyega a platform like he had never known before. Boyega was only 22 when he starred in the first Star wars film, joining one of the biggest franchises on the planet. Being part of such a large community has given Boyega a large audience to talk to. Boyega has not only used this platform to strengthen his own name and career.

According to GQ, he actually used this massive platform to talk about important issues such as institutional racism, racial injustice and the Black Lives Matter movement. Boyega is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry and has continuously shown exceptional character both on and off screen.

‘Star Wars’ Fan Perspectives

Star wars fans also appreciate the exceptional man John Boyega turned out to be. Although he never got the script he deserved with Finn, Boyega never called for his performances.

Fans appreciated Boyega’s determination to give the character everything he had, regardless of the less than ideal circumstances. Some fans even took to Reddit to share how much they appreciated Finn’s character, as well as Boyega’s performance in his role.

One fan shared how much they love Finn’s character throughout the trilogy, writing, “He’s a very warm and understandable character. His transition from First Order Stormtrooper to Resistance General is one of the best Star Wars character arcs. I love Finn. ”

Another fan celebrated Boyega’s portrayal of Finn, writing, “Despite his grievances with subsequent films, Boyega’s commitment to the role is never phoned and consistently charismatic.

Another fan summed up Finn’s character perfectly, writing, “A great character who hasn’t been fully realized.”

In the end, you would be hard pressed to find a Star wars fan does not agree with this final statement.


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