Spider-Man’s friend Silk could have her own TV show


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Image: Marvel Comics

Sony’s efforts to capitalize on all of the characters affiliated with Spider-Man to which it owns the rights (who are not, critically, Spider-Man) have now extended into the world of television, with Variety report that Sony Pictures Television has just put Silk live action series in development.

For those who don’t know the character, Silk (real name Cindy Moon) was established in 2014; her origin story – not necessarily the greatest creative heights Marvel’s character creators have ever reached – was bit by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker on that fateful field trip , giving him powers similar to his own. (There is also a strange thing where their powers make them really want to break up with each other, but that probably won’t be as much of a problem on the TV show.) is to reunite with her family, since she locked herself in shortly after getting her powers, and they have disappeared in the meantime.

By Variety, the Silk The TV show will potentially be written by Lauren Moon, whose previous credits include Good problem and Atypical. The news comes at an odd time for Marvel TV projects; pretty much the entire duration of the Marvel-based shows previously put together by producer Jeph Loeb (including, most recently, Agents du SHIELD) finally ran out of time, as the expected wave of MCU-based titles slated to land on Disney + have all been delayed by COVID-19 lockdowns. Sony, meanwhile, has rarely, if ever, tried to leverage its Marvel brands for live TV, although they have launched a number of film projects (including a potential Spider-Woman movie) in the world of cinema.

There is no word on when a Silk The series could make it to television, although Amazon has apparently expressed interest in making it part of its stable of shows.


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