Spare me your Jim Davidson gags – right-wing comedy is neither racist nor sexist


Others have suggested that right-wing comedy will take the form of a non-stop high-five with the Conservative government, despite the fact that this kind of sycophancy would be impossible to make funny. I challenge anyone to write a comedy about something you agree with. Go on, make observational humor about an aspect of everyday life that doesn’t bother you or confuse you.Write a one-liner that doesn’t upset expectations. Get a big laugh by praising a public figure. Political comedy is like any comedy, it rarely comes from consensus. Whatever comedy left or right, it tends to serve the same function: snatching the piss of ideas and idiocy from the other side.

Another forgotten point is that a conservative mindset can also engender a different view of cultural issues. A left-wing comic might have a more revisionist take on Churchill (unless it opens in Barnsley). A right-wing comic, on the other hand, may have the staunchly opposite view that five years might be too young for a child to choose their own gender.

There is much more to the left to target than just political opinions. The reason a satirical tale like Titania Mcgrath has garnered over half a million followers is because it blurs the moral pomposity often found in aroused discourse. Rick from The Young Ones came from a similar fabric. If he was there now, he would try to fight the man with memes instead of badges.

Part of the resentment over the changes proposed by BBC chief executive Tim Davie came from the left-wing comedy thinking ‘their’ thing, which also led to some interesting takes. “People on the right are just not naturally funny,” they said. There is “no market for it”. “Many still talk about the same two subjects. “


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