Spain leads Western Europe with 500,000 COVID cases, UK and France peak


The number of coronaviruses in Spain on Monday topped 500,000, after the country confirmed some 26,000 new infections over the weekend – and the UK and France are also reporting spikes.Why is this important: Spain is the first country in Western Europe to exceed half a million cases of COVID-19. There are growing fears that Europe will experience a second wave of infections, with cases increasing over the summer.

Driving the news: As Spanish children prepare to return to school after a six-month absence from classes following coronavirus restrictions, the country reported 49,716 new cases of the novel coronavirus last week, mostly in Madrid, the Guardian notes .

Great Britain Sunday confirmed 2,988 new cases – the most since May – and on Monday, the health department reported 2,948 more infections.

  • England’s deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van Tam said the British had “relaxed too much” over the summer and “a bumpy ride over the next few months” unless people are starting to take the virus seriously again, according to the BBC.

France reported Friday a record 8,975 new cases. The previous daily record of 7,578 infections was set on March 31, when the country launched a major lockdown, Reuters notes.

  • Since Friday, 22 schools have closed, the country having reported 8,550 additional cases on Saturday and 7,071 other infections on Sunday, reports France 24

What they say: “When the number of cases initially increases in the younger population, they in turn filter and start giving high rates of illness and hospitalization in the older groups, and we know that then becomes a serious problem. public health, ”Van -Tam said, addressing the outbreak in Europe, by the BBC.

  • “The fact that young people between the ages of 17 and 21 don’t get sick means they are lucky, but they also forget because the disease is not serious for them that they are powerful propagators. “


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