Sony PlayStation 5 pre-order Apology News


Sony has just tweeted an apology for its misaligned pre-order system that took gamers by surprise – leaving many without a secure PlayStation 5 console. Taking a form more akin to a Quickstrike sneaker release, the console was announced last Wednesday that it would be available for pre-order the next day, but launched a few hours later on Walmart – leading other retailers to open their pre-order links, which caused a frenzy of pre-orders by fast players and resellers.

Resellers got their hands on several pre-orders while fans were left empty-handed. Realizing this, Sony has promised to release more pre-orders “over the next few days” with more units coming at the end of the year. Those who missed out should prepare for a Sony update next week to lock in their own pre-order.

In other game news, the Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued.


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