Somali soldiers killed; US officer injured in al-Shabab attack | News


At least three Somali special forces soldiers were killed and a US officer was injured in a car bomb and mortar attack outside a military base in southern Somalia. Monday.

Al-Qaeda-linked armed group Al-Shabab said it was behind the attack and estimated the death toll at 20.

A Somali soldier was also injured in the attack on the village of Janay Abdalla, about 60 km (37 miles) from the port city of Kismayu, which is also the administrative capital of Jubbaland state.

“Two soldiers from Danab [special] the forces died and two others were injured. An American officer was seriously injured, “Mohamed Ahmed Sabriye, Jubbaland’s communications director, told Reuters news agency. He later said that one of the wounded Somali soldiers was dead.

Ismail Mukhtar Oronjo, a spokesman for the Somali government, told Anadolu News Agency that it was a suicide car bomb that exploded outside the special forces base.

“A car bomb attack targeted a military base in Janay Abdalla earlier on Monday,” Oronjo said.

Mohamed Abdulle, a local security official, told AFP news agency that the vehicle was hit but could not be stopped.

‘Mortar fire’

Al-Shabab has been fighting for control of the Horn of Africa country for years. The Somali government is supported by the US military, which regularly launches air raids against the group.

“A member of the American service was injured in an attack by al-Shabab this morning”, said a spokesperson for the US Africa Command.

« US and Somali forces were conducting an advisory, assistance and accompaniment mission when Al-Shabab attacked using a vehicle used as an improvised explosive device and mortar fire. ”

The US service member was in stable condition, the US military spokesperson added.

Al-Shabab said it killed US military personnel in the assault.

“We attacked American and Somali forces called Danab in the village of Janay Abdalla with a car bomb. We killed four US officers and 16 Somali forces that they trained, ”Abdiasis Abu Musab, his military operations spokesman, said in a statement.

“We also injured 12 Somali soldiers. We also destroyed three American armored vehicles. “

The attacks continue

Somalia has faced near-continuous conflict for nearly 30 years, while the internationally-backed government in Mogadishu has been fighting al-Shabab since 2008.

In August, 10 civilians and a policeman were killed in an al-Shabab bombing of an upscale beachfront hotel in the capital.

That same month, four al-Shabab fighters detained in Mogadishu central prison were killed in an intense shootout with security forces after somehow managing to get their hands on weapons in establishment.

At least seven people were killed in another attack in August when a car bomb exploded at an army base in Mogadishu where members of the Somali National Army (SNA) were stationed.


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