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SNP’s Ian Blackford tried to push Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend his plan to close the job-retention leave program in October. The Scottish MP pointed out that countries like France, Germany and Ireland have extended their employment support programs until 2021 to help workers weather the coronavirus pandemic. But Mr Johnson was quick to shut down SNP leader Westminster, noting that the UK had been “much more generous” than France and Germany with economic programs aimed at workers.

Mr Johnson said: “What we are doing is not just continuing with the leave program as he knows until the end of the month, which is much more generous than anything planned in France, in Germany or Ireland, but we will also continue with other measures to help people at work.“Starting today, there is the Kickstarter program to help young people get the jobs they need.

“This is in addition to a £ 160 billion package that we plan to support this economy through the crisis.

“This government has put its guns around all the people of this country, to support them throughout this crisis, and we will now help them get back to work.

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Mr. Blackford previously said: “The time off program is there to protect people so they can come back to work when the time comes.

“France, Germany and Ireland have extended their leave programs until 2021, they have made a moral choice.

“They are not prepared to punish their people with record unemployment rates. The Scots see the story of two governments.

“As the Conservatives cut support for the vacation program, Nicola Sturgeon yesterday announced new investments to protect jobs, including the Youth Guarantee.

“We all know jobs are at risk if the time off program ends in October. The power to end this threat rests with the Prime Minister. ”

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Work and pensions Secretart Thérèse Coffey on Wednesday launched the new Kickstart program to help people under 25 find jobs amid the current economic uncertainty.

Ms Coffey said: ‘As we launch our £ 2billion Kickstart program, placing young people at the heart of our renewal, we urge businesses to get involved in this innovative program and leverage the huge reservoir of potential.

“There is no limit to the number of opportunities we will open through Kickstart and we will fund each of them for six months as part of our Jobs Plan to create, support and protect jobs. .


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