Slaven Bilic rejoices over terrible Premier League predictions for West Brom | Paul Doyle | Soccer


THEn being said that most of the season’s previews – including the one put together using the accumulated brain power of Guardian football journalists – have set West Brom as certainties to finish bottom in the Premier League this season, Slaven Bilic said, “You can’t get a bigger positive than this, it’s great! I don’t mean to say it’s an excuse or an alibi and things can only get better. Not in that sense. I mean, ‘let’s show them they’re all wrong’. We have even greater motivation now.The West Brom manager also cited examples that give heart to his promoted team. “We want to compete as a very confident team that will stay in the league for a long time. I bet when you spoke to Sheffield United before the start of last season they said their first goal was to stand. But when they got the momentum they didn’t say “no, no, we’re happy now”.


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