Skull Session: Justin Fields Never Considered Retiring, Nebraska-Ohio State Friendship Is Over And Urban Meyer Says Big Ten Teams Need To Practice Hitting


Another day closer to Buckeye’s football. You can do it!

Word of the day: Vellicate.

I AM NO LONGER YOUR FRIEND! Maybe it was just an ‘enemy of my enemy’ situation, but for a few weeks there Ohio State and Nebraska were best friends as they both fought against the Big Ten with the goal of playing football this fall.

To be fair, Nebraska probably did most of the fighting with the lawsuits and FOIA and other demands, but at the very least, the state of Ohio was that staunch friend screaming “beat his ass!” Throughout the fight.

Either way, we’ve been on the same side for the past few months. And now, unfortunately, our efforts are aimed at burying them next month.

Thanks for everything, Nebraska. Threatening to quit and continue with the conference were the most productive things you’ve done in any sport since joining the Big Ten. And I mean that!

But now things have to get back to normal.

“AND THAT WAS. “ We’ve had two preseason All-Americans and potential first-round picks rallied after they left – the #BOOMiest of the #BOOMs, when you really think about it.

But there wasn’t a third, because Justin Fields didn’t have to. He didn’t pull out and, according to Ryan Day during his Fox Big Noon Kickoff appearance, he was never going to.

“He could have packed his bags and left – he never hesitated once. He never even thought of leaving. He looked me in the eye and said “Coach, the NFL will come someday.” I want to win a national championship with this team and I want to win a Heisman trophy. And that was it. We had no further conversation. “

Well done.

By dressing up and playing this season after everything that has happened, Justin Fields has already achieved legendary status. If he can pull up a natty at the end of it all, you can go ahead and build a fucking statue.

STRIKE TIME. The Big Ten teams not only didn’t do anything back when they thought their season was called off, but they weren’t doing any tackles either – which I’m told is an integral part of the game.

You shouldn’t need a Hall of Fame head coach to tell you that touching and tackling is a very important part of football, but here it is, anyway.

If you’d like to know what happens when you’re just not going to make contact anytime before the season, take a look at Navy. The water troops remained out of contact throughout the camp and were outscored 79-3 in the first six quarters of the season.

Let’s avoid doing that, please!

THE BEST SOUND DAMN ON EARTH. If that sound doesn’t just give you some football season juice, I don’t know what will.

I have no idea what the Big Ten’s plans and procedures are for marching bands, but I pray that they will be deemed eligible. If you want to empty the shoe on play day, fine. But please don’t take my fanfare.

SONG OF THE DAY. “Some Go Seak Sorry, Others Escape” by Underoath.

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