‘Sit! Sit!’ How an Australian treated a 4m crocodile called “Bonecruncher” | Environment


For most people, the sight of an approaching crocodile with its mouth wide open would give the fear of a lifetime. And their fear would be well placed, as encounters between humans and saltwater fangs usually have deadly ends for the former.Not for Matt Wright, the so-called “outback wrestler”.

“Stay, sit down, sit down!” Wright ordered the sinister crocodile called “Bonecruncher” as if he was leading a companion dog.

The animal handler had attempted to clear logs from a river trail in the Northern Territory of Australia – an area known for its crocodile infested rivers – when a seemingly mischievous crocodile arrived.

The Outback wrestler, who stars on a TV show of the same name, can be seen trying to take out the four-meter-long creature.


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