Shining Critics, Xi Calls Xinjiang Policies “Completely Right”


The Chinese government has continued to build detention centers in the region, including towering prison-like complexes surrounded by high walls, the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy said in a report released Thursday. Separately, another report released by the Institute and a parallel New York Times investigation found that thousands of mosques, shrines and other Islamic religious sites have been demolished in Xinjiang since 2017.

In his published remarks, Xi did not specifically mention the indoctrination camps, which Chinese government officials have championed as friendly vocational training centers. Despite this, Xi’s general comments suggest he wants the government to continue its indoctrination efforts across Xinjiang, even though the camps play a reduced role in this campaign.

“Incorporate education on a shared conscience of the Chinese nation into the education of Xinjiang executives, youth and children and society,” Xi said. “To ensure that a common conscience of the Chinese nation takes root deeply in the soul.”

A Times investigation last year cited internal speeches by Xi in 2014, when he called for a “total fight against terrorism, infiltration and separatism” in Xinjiang using “organs. of dictatorship ”, and showing“ absolutely no mercy ”. But it took years for his broad demands to lead to mass detentions in the new camps.


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