Sheriff: deputy on video beating black man in Georgia fired – world news


A sheriff’s deputy in Georgia has been fired after being filmed repeatedly beating a black man during a traffic stop, authorities said on Sunday.

The deputy was fired for “excessive use of force,” the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. He did not identify the deputy, but said a criminal investigation had been assigned to the district attorney’s office.

Roderick Walker, 26, was arrested and beaten after Clayton County Sheriff’s deputies stopped the vehicle he was driving on Friday with his girlfriend, 5-month-old and stepson for an alleged taillight broke, his attorney, Shean Williams of The Atlanta-based Cochran law firm said Sunday. MPs asked for Walker’s identification and got annoyed and demanded that he get out of the vehicle when he asked why they needed him since he wasn’t driving, Williams said.

The ensuing arrest, captured on video by a spectator and widely shared, shows two MPs above Walker, one of whom repeatedly hits him. Walker’s girlfriend screams and tells MPs Walker said he couldn’t breathe. A child in the vehicle shouts “Daddy”.

While Walker is handcuffed, the deputy who hit him tells the viewer that Walker bit him.

Williams said his client denies biting the MP. Walker was trying to survive and lost consciousness at least twice during the beating, Williams said. A photo of Walker later taken in prison shows a mark under his left eye.

“My reaction to the video is that it unfortunately shows another incident where the civil rights of an African American man have been violated by people, officers and law enforcement who have a duty to first. protect and serve, ”he said.

Walker later falters and appears to be trying to break free as MPs get him to his feet. He was arrested on suspicion of obstructing officers and causing bodily harm, according to prison records. Williams demanded his release on bail and said he asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to reconsider the case. He also accused investigators of speaking badly to his client without a lawyer at the prison.

A person who answered a call to the sheriff’s office said he could not comment further, citing an ongoing investigation. He declined to provide his full name.

The sheriff’s office said in its statement that a court had denied bail for Walker due to outstanding warrants, including a felony probation warrant out of Fulton County for cruelty to children and possession of a weapon by a convicted criminal.

He said Walker received medical attention and was being watched by a doctor at the prison hospital.

Walker, his girlfriend and the kids had dropped off a rental car and found a driver ready to take them home for $ 10, Williams said. The driver was also black. Williams said he was released without a summons, although he also did not have an identity.


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