‘She didn’t do anything wrong’: Djokovic urges fans not to turn on US open line judge – National


Novak Djokovic pleaded for compassion for the linesman he hit in the throat with a ball at the US Open on Monday after the woman official was faced with backlash from fans of the world number one on social media .The Serbian was disqualified in the fourth round after hitting a reasonably hard ball deep in frustration after losing his serve in the first set against Spaniard Pablo Carreno Busta, sending the referee to the ground.

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Novak Djokovic out of US Open after accidentally hitting judge with a ball

A section of Djokovic’s fans took to social media to denounce the official after his Instagram username was released by Serbian media.

” Shame on you. Old lady full of evil, “read one of the messages left on her Instagram account, while other users accused her of faking the injury and” bad deed “.

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Djokovic defended the official on Twitter on Tuesday, while thanking fans who left him positive messages of support.

“Also remember that the linesman who was hit by the ball last night also needs the support of our community. She didn’t do anything wrong at all. I ask you to remain particularly supportive and considerate towards him during this period.

“From these moments we get stronger and we rise above. Share the love with everyone. Europe, I come.

As the linesman screamed in pain as she fell to the ground, a horrified Djokovic rushed over to her and apologized.

Novak Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19

Novak Djokovic tests positive for COVID-19

A tournament spokesperson later told Reuters the linesman appeared to be doing well and had not been taken off site.

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Tournament referee Soeren Friemel went to Arthur Ashe Stadium and spoke with Chair Referee Aurelie Tourte and Grand Slam supervisor Andreas Egli before a lengthy discussion with the former Grand Slam winner. US Open three times.

Djokovic pleaded his case for 12 minutes but the Grand Slam rules are clear, and his fate was already sealed.

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The Grand Slam rules state: “Players must not at any time physically abuse any official, opponent, spectator or any other person on the grounds of the tournament site.

“The referee, in consultation with the Chief Grand Slam Supervisor, may declare a fault for a single violation of this Code.”


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