Seth Meyers is stuck in a time loop examining Trump’s never-ending cycle of tax evasion


Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers
Screenshot: Late at night with Seth Meyers

Monday Late at night with Seth Meyers saw the host seemingly taken in the media, wrapping his signature ” To look closer»Segment even before having started. “. . . one of the biggest tax cheaters in American history, a criminally negligent sociopath who lost the popular vote and oversaw the preventable deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans is set to give the Supreme Court a third justice This is how the return of the commercial break grabbed Meyer summons you yet another quick glimpse into how American democracy is fundamentally broken – before Meyers corrects himself, explaining that he’s just getting started. Yeah, it was that kind of year four years undifferentiated wasteland from nightmare time.

Explaining that the relentless work of trying to make fun of a guy he called “one of the most irritating, off-putting, and unlovable individuals in American history” could cause anyone to lose the concept storyline, Meyers fought again to tackle Sunday New York Times investigation report on how much of an asshole Donald Trump is. (Criminal and cartoonish financial avatar of American capitalism variety.) Note that even being the parent of two toddlers is not as exhausting as following Donald Trump (for one thing, “Even in their worst days, kids don’t shit so much ‘), the host dug deep into the jurassic park– a bunch of serial tax evasion, unconstitutional double dealing, $ 70,000 haircut deductions and another deeply shady shit the Time earthen. (With more to come, according to the newspaper.) Others have been doing similar digs since the story fell yesterday (and popcorn for John Oliver on Sunday exams. Last week tonight), but Meyers wasn’t playing, tearing Trump apart not only as a “New York real estate grifter” but as emblematic of an American tax system that allows such a cheeky serial cash grab – if you’re rich and powerful enough.

Meyers pointed out companies like Amazon, Chevron and Starbucks, who did not pay a dime in tax last year, while citing a ProPublica investigation report This showed that the five counties most likely to see taxpayers audited by the IRS are all rural, poor, and largely black. That in itself is enough for most people to consider a tax strike without Donald Trump – for our sins, the President of the United States – displaying his ability to pay, according to the Times, $ 1,500 in taxes, total, over the course of over the past two decades or so. And though it would be fun – and Meyers sounded like it was fun – poking fun at the fragile balloon ego of supposed billionaire Donald Trump and the humiliating revelation of his towering business losses, his labyrinthine tax evasion schemes and Its deeply suspect overseas sources of funding for its garish lifestyle, Meyers has also broadened its focus.

While some may quibble with Meyers’ intimation that this was in fact all great sacrifice for Conservatives, Evangelicals and Republicans for “pavec [Trump’s] racism, and its corruption, its petty income, and its abuse of power ”, in order to steal three seats on the Supreme Court and install a even more blatant tax code, Meyers is still all-in. “More than 200,000 Americans have died from an uncontrollable pandemic, and the president has just been denounced as one of the biggest tax evaders in American history,” Meyers concluded (for real this name) before play this Sunday clip of a hot Fox News mic picking up to this right, Fluffy Trump propaganda media blowing out an exhausted “Oh shit” at the prospect of having to listen to Donald Trump whine into a House microphone White. As Meyers says, even Fox News is fed up with listening to him justify such a disgusting presidency – even if they’re still invested in getting what they want out of it.


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