Selena Gomez Told NikkieTutorials All Her Exes Think She’s ‘Crazy’ And OMG


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“Each of my exes thinks I’m crazy, so I don’t care. ”

It all started when Selena started talking about her longtime makeup artist, Hung Vanngo.

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“Like, he’s going to do my wedding makeup,” she told Nikkie, then checked an imaginary watch, “Which … will never happen.” “

“It’s hard in quarantine,” she explained, before quickly clarifying that she isn’t looking for anyone to slip into her DMs, which she told Nikkie she doesn’t read. “It’s not an invitation either. “

“Oh, stop! You better get this right now, ”Nikkie told her in response. “Look, if I can find a man, anyone can find a man. “

“No, it’s just funny,” she continued. “Because I post things that like, say I want a boyfriend and everything.” And people say that, and I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t really mean that.’ Guys do a lot of work. ”

And Selena, who has high profile exes including Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Orlando Bloom, and Nick Jonas, said she has absolutely no problem blowing up men.

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“Each of my exes thinks I’m crazy, so I don’t care,” she said with a shrug.

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“I am so dead. I’m so dead, ”Nikkie joked in response.

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