Scary theory claims China trapped the world in ‘economic suicide’ Covid lockdowns with aggressive psy-op propaganda


CHINA may have waged a massive disinformation campaign to encourage the world to go into lockdown, a US lawyer said.

Michael Senger has suggested that the Communist Party has promoted nationwide shutdowns in an attempt to “cripple rival economies” amid the coronavirus pandemic.


China has been accused of trying to spread disinformation about the virusCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

Covid-19 is believed to originate in the Chinese city of Wuhan before spreading around the world – killing nearly a million people so far.

Senger claims, however, that the Communist Party may have armed social media in an aggressive psy-op to spread hysteria and push for lockdowns.

The campaign may have prompted nations to commit economic suicide.

He quotes thousands of tweets that encouraged governments around the world to try out the draconian rules first adopted by China.

Senger even alleges that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been targeted by Chinese disinformation after initially suggesting collective immunity rather than a lockdown.

The attorney from Atlanta, Georgia laid out his theory in an article for Tablet Magazine titled “China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign.”

Writing on Twitter, he said: “By promoting fraudulent data, aggressively deploying disinformation and exerting its institutional influence, Beijing has turned the snake oil of lockdowns into ‘science’, crippling rival economies, expanding its influence. and sowing authoritarian values. ”

He argued that the lockdowns “might not even be science, all of that” and claimed they are based on brutal policies used by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

China has since appeared to recover from the virus outbreak, even Wuhan returning to normal, while countries such as Britain face further restrictions.

In an appearance on Sky News Australia, Senger claimed it was a “domino effect” of the Chinese policy followed by the country after Italy became the first nation to be locked down.

Senger said: “Is there something more sinister behind this? Was it really planned in such a way as to crush rival economies and spread authoritarian values? ”

The WHO called the Wuhan lockdown “unprecedented” in January, before actively encouraging other countries to follow China’s lead just a month later.

Michael Senger accused China of creating viral hysteriaCredit: Sky News Australia

Senger claims that “the smoking gun on the genesis of the coronavirus lockdown” is the fact that Twitter has deleted tens of thousands of fake accounts promoting the message from China.

Twitter confirmed in June that it had deleted 23,750 accounts that were “heavily engaged” in disinformation – and 150,000 that were engaged in amplification.

The social media giant confirmed the accounts were deleted as they promoted China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The tweets included videos of Chinese workers disinfecting streets – each of which was accompanied by eerily similar posts praising China.

Senger writes that much of this campaign focused on bombing Italy while it was in lockdown – prompting much of the rest of the world to follow.

It also marks videos that started emerging from China earlier in the pandemic, including people collapsing on the streets with scenes reminiscent of apocalypse movies as “fakes.”

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Senger said: “The only goal behind all of this is to instill fear. To show that this virus is really, really scary. ”

And the lawyer accuses China of having “false numbers” on the virus, with its “obviously falsified” numbers.

China claims to have had 85,337 cases and 4,634 deaths, apparently confirming its policy of total lockdown.

Severe coronavirus measures still imposing in Britain6
Severe coronavirus measures still imposing in BritainCredit: w8media
Meanwhile, life in China seems to have returned to normal


Meanwhile, life in China seems to have returned to normal Crédits: Getty Images – Getty

China is notorious for having a sophisticated cyber arsenal for disinformation and propaganda, even accused by Microsoft of trying to interfere in the upcoming US election.

Senger claims the British Prime Minister may have been the target of disinformation when he suggested using herd immunity to defeat the virus.

He wrote: “On March 13, suspicious accounts began to storm his Twitter feed and equate his plan with genocide.

“This language hardly ever appears in Johnson’s thread until March 12, and several of the accounts were barely active before that date. ”

FBI officials also revealed in July that US politicians had been approached by the Communist Party to endorse China’s coronavirus strategy.

Chris Wray, Director of the FBI, said: “We have heard from federal, state and even local officials that Chinese diplomats are aggressively urging support for China’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

“Yes, this is happening at both the federal and state levels. It wasn’t that long ago that we had a state senator who was recently even asked to introduce a resolution supporting China’s response to the pandemic. “

Chinese leader Xi Jinping ordered first lockdown in Wuhan6
Chinese leader Xi Jinping ordered first lockdown in WuhanCredit: EPA
China's ruling Communist Party under pandemic scrutiny


China’s ruling Communist Party under pandemic scrutinyCredit: AP: Associated Press

Coronavirus lockouts have triggered the world’s worst economic recession since the Great Depression – with a projected reduction to 4.5% in 2020.

And meanwhile, Sweden, which is avoiding lockdown, has hailed its herd immunity plan as “warranted” with just 1.3% of residents testing positive.

The United Nations has warned of a lost decade and a double dip recession unless the world unites to craft a stimulus package.

Senger suggests that may have been China’s plan from the start amid a veil of dishonesty over the pandemic.


He wrote, “The most benign explanation possible for the CCP’s campaign for global lockdowns is that the party actively promoted the same lie internationally and nationally – that the lockdowns were working.

“And then there is the possibility that by shutting down the world, Xi Jinping, who… envisions a socialist future with China at its center, knows exactly what he was doing. ”

Many questions remain about China’s honesty in the face of the virus, with US President Donald Trump bluntly accusing the Communist Party of cover-up.

Today, the prime minister referred to China’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in his keynote address at the UN.

However, scientists believe that national lockdowns could have saved millions of lives in Europe alone.

A study by Imperial College London assessed the impact of restrictions in 11 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom through early May.

He estimated that around 3.2 million people would have died without the measures requiring people to stay home and close businesses.

The study included estimates that Mr Johnson’s decision to go ahead with the lockdown saved 470,000 lives in the UK.

American scientists also published a study in the journal Nature claiming that lockdowns in China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France and the United States have prevented or delayed around 530 million cases of Covid-19 .

Solomon Hsiang, who co-led the second study at the University of California, said, “Without these policies, we would have experienced very different April and May. ”

Britain now faces a harsh winter as new restrictions were put in place amid warnings of a second lockdown – with protesters clashing with police in Trafalgar Square.

The government is fighting to keep the economy open as government scientists warn that without action the UK could face 50,000 cases a day by October.

Boris Johnson makes hazy noise about China’s handling of Covid in UN speech


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