Saskatoon man receives vintage typewriter as gift from Tom Hanks


A man from Saskatoon received a special gift from movie star Tom Hanks.Thom Cholowski of Saskatoon is one of the last people in North America to know how to repair typewriters.

Hanks is a typewriter enthusiast. Recently, Cholowski typed a letter to Hanks thanking him for his defense of the technology.

Hanks replied, typing a personal letter to Cholowski.

Then this week, Cholowski received a courier package. Hanks had sent him a 1940 Remington Noiseless typewriter.

“It is in immaculate condition. It is a wonderful typewriter and I am very honored to receive it, ”said Cholowski.

Movie star Tom Hanks sent this gift – a 1940 Remington typewriter – to Thom Cholowski of Saskatoon. (Don Somers / CBC)

Cholowski said he has used it several times already and will find a place of honor in his home to exhibit it.

“Well, I always thought Mr. Hanks was a standing man. It reaffirmed that he is the genuine person we all love to believe he is, ”he said.


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