Sandip Ssingh shares personal conversations with Sushant Singh Rajput; Said ‘My silence broke 20 years of image’



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                Sandip Ssingh, qui est resté discret depuis ces dernières semaines, a pris sa propre défense maintenant.  Il a partagé quelques captures d'écran de ses textes avec Sushant Singh Rajput sur les réseaux sociaux. 

Sandip Ssingh shares personal conversations with Sushant Singh Rajput; Said ‘My silence broke 20 years of image’


Quand on parle du cas de Sushant Singh Rajput, parmi les premiers noms qui viennent à l'esprit se trouve l'ami supposé de l'acteur défunt Sandip Ssingh. Même la famille de Sushant aurait refusé de connaître Ssingh, tout comme Rhea Chakraborty. Maintenant, il a partagé quelques publications sur Instagram qui ne sont rien de moins qu'une révélation choquante. Son premier message consiste en des captures d'écran de ses textes à Sushant qui ont été échangés entre novembre 2016 et juin 2018.

From what can be discovered in the discussions, the two have shared good bonds and have met often. Speaking of the same, Sandip writes, “Sorry bhai, my silence has shattered 20 years of my image and my family to pieces. I didn’t realize friendship requires a certificate right now. Today, I am making our personal discussions public, because it is the last resort that proves our equation. Sandip’s second post concerns the series of events that took place on the 14the June.

In the meantime, check out his first article below:

While recalling the events of the fateful day, Sssingh says he was unable to stop after hearing the news of Sushant’s disappearance and rushed to the latter’s residence. He also reveals that he was shocked after seeing no one other than Meetu Singh there. He writes, “I still wonder if I was wrong to support your sister at this critical time or if I should have waited for your other friends to come.” What is more shocking is that he also shared screenshots of his conversation with Meetu Singh.

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Sandip Ssingh also takes a jibe to Sushant Singh Rajput’s family and writes, “Everyone says your family doesn’t know me. Yeah, that’s okay, I’ve never met your family. Is it my fault to help a grieving sister alone in this city to perform the last rites of a brother? I just want to end the speculation as to why I was talking to the ambulance driver despite his statement. Previously, there was speculation that the filmmaker was involved in a police case in Mauritius. He has now put an end to the same by sharing a letter sent by the police who refute such allegations.

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