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The Queen has seen the value of lands and properties in the Crown’s domain plummet over the past six months due to the pandemic. The monarchy receives 25% of the profits – through a sovereign grant – from its vast portfolio which includes Regents Street in London, the Windsor Estate and business parks across the country.

The Treasury confirmed that the sovereign grant will receive an injection of funds to compensate for the loss of income.However, a poll of over 3000 readers have found that seven in ten think the treasury should not subsidize financial loss.

The survey conducted on Thursday, September 24 asked 3336 readers: “With Queen to receive millions, is the Treasury right to support the royal family during the crisis?” “

A whopping 77% (2,498) of readers thought it was not fair for the Treasury to support the Royal Family and voted no.

Only 22 percent (809) thought the Treasury was right to surprise the money and voted yes.

Meanwhile, one percent (29) remained uncertain and said they didn’t know.

A name of readers share their feelings in the comments section.

One avid user said, “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

“If the royal family really wants to remain the monarchy of this country, then they really should start looking at the people who support them and realize how difficult life has become for them.

“The Queen is extremely wealthy and should not accept any gifts that could be better used to help ordinary people.”

A second reader said: “Surely they need to lead by example, by ‘cutting their cloth’, as everyone else will have to.”

A third commented, “The Sovereign Grant gives them tens of millions of dollars to squander among themselves each year. They shouldn’t have more! ”

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The Treasury says Crown estate revenues have totaled £ 2.8 billion over the past 10 years and help fund “vital public services.”

The Treasury added the 25 percent profit from the estate, which goes into the sovereign grant, finances “the official affairs of the monarchy and does not provide private income.”

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace also said that in addition to supporting official royal functions, the grant is also earmarked for the maintenance of the royal palaces and is “calculated on 15 percent of the estate’s surplus income from the Crown ”.

They added: “An additional 10 percent has been agreed to fund a ten-year refurbishment of Buckingham Palace. “

A Treasury spokeswoman said: ‘The revenue from the Crown Estate helps fund our vital public services – over the past 10 years it has returned a total of £ 2.8 billion to the Treasury.

“The Sovereign Grant funds the official affairs of the monarchy and does not provide any private income to any member of the royal family.

“The formula ensures that the amount paid into the treasury far exceeds the amount given to the monarch – supporting public services like the NHS.”


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