Rishi Sunak warned of ‘1980s unemployment levels’ despite emergency jobs program


reowning Street cannot continue to “control the lives of 65 million people by executive order,” a senior conservative said today, urging No. 10 to give MPs a greater voice over emergency powers over coronavirus.Tom Tugendhat said the government must “get into this conversation” if it is to avoid a rebellion over extending restrictions next week.

“It is quite clear that there are at least six more months as the government has announced and it may indeed be longer than that depending on whether a vaccine comes or not, so the idea that we can having a permanent state where the government makes emergency decisions for people and effective control of the lives of 65 million people by executive order is not sustainable, ”the Tonbridge and Malling MP told the Today program.

When asked who heads the government, the Foreign Affairs Committee said it was “sure” Boris Johnson was only praising Chancellor Rishi Sunak – a view shared by many MPs in the United States. backbench, as the Prime Minister’s support continues to decline.

Mr Johnson was notably absent from the House of Commons yesterday, with backbench MPs saying he was ‘AWOL’, although Treasury Minister Steve Barclay insisted it was because of the social distancing restrictions.

Last night 42 Conservative MPs made public their support for an amendment tabled by 1922 Committee Chairman Sir Graham Brady to demand a new vote in Parliament “as soon as reasonably possible” on new powers.

The total number of Tories rebelling is likely to rise over the next few days, which means Mr Johnson could face a real test of his leadership next week. However, it is by no means certain that the amendment will be chosen by Sir Lindsay Hoyle as Wednesday’s vote is on a statutory motion.


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