Rise of coronavirus in six New York neighborhoods accounts for 20% of citywide cases, mayor says


NEW YORK – The New York City mayor and health officials are raising the alarm again as they monitor multiple clusters of coronavirus cases across the city in recent days.Mayor Bill de Blasio identified the “Clusters” considered of concern after an increase in cases was reported.

The clusters – the Ocean Parkway cluster consisting of Midwood, Borough Park, Bensonhurst, the Edgemere-Far Rockaway cluster, the Williamsburg cluster and the Kew Gardens cluster – account for 20% of COVID-19 cases across the city, the city-wide said on Tuesday. mayor.

Since August 1, the city has reported 2,414 positive cases of coronavirus in these neighborhoods.

Health officials see cases “evolving over the last few days and 24 hours,” according to Health Commissioner Dr Dave Chokshi.

The mayor said the city was working with communities, which are predominantly Orthodox Jewish, to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Health and city officials spoke to leading doctors in the neighborhoods, made thousands of automated calls and distributed thousands of masks and COVID-19-related materials, according to the CEO of health and hospitals, Dr. Mitchell Katz.

Dr Katz and the mayor also acknowledged that at least two Yeshivas in Brooklyn have been closed “due to COVID-19 issues” and community outreach “has gone uninterrupted.”

When asked why the city is seeing an increase in cases among Hasidic neighborhoods, the mayor said the awareness was consistent, but there was likely “fatigue” from whatever was happening, like in other neighborhoods.

The increase in the number of cases may also be linked to the days surrounding the great holy days when people congregate as well as the opening of schools, colder weather and people returning from trips out of town, according to Dr. Katz.

These communities can expect “a lot of activity” to remind people of the basics and four things they can do that make such a difference – wear a mask, walk away socially, wash their hands, and stay home. house if you are sick, the mayor said earlier during his Monday coronavirus briefing.

The mayor and health officials warned that if people did not want to help neighbors and enforce appropriate safety measures, action would be taken.


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