Restaurant owners say anti-masks cause headaches


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The restaurant plans to hire security.

Other Calgary restaurants are facing similar issues, some of which have turned violent. Deere said his friend Jason Shukuda, who managesKabuku Downtown, asked a group of men to throw items into the restaurant after being refused service without a mask.

Shukuda did not respond to the request for comment.

“This anger is so misdirected towards the hourly retail and hospitality workers. We don’t make the rules, ”Deere said. “I think you can have your opinion on hate masks and all that, but going after the rule-playing industry is not the right way to do it. Contact the city council, contact your deputy, your deputies and lead the “battle” properly. ”

Ernie Tsu, who owns Trolley 5 Brewery on SW 17th Avenue and is a board member of the Alberta Hospitality Association, said restaurants across the province are facing these kinds of issues.

He believes the anti-mask movement is gaining momentum in part because of “mixed” messages from Alberta’s top doctor and the provincial government, but adds the majority of interactions are positive.

People line up to be seated in front of Trolley 5 on 17 Avenue SW on Monday, May 25, 2020 as restaurants and bars have been allowed to reopen. Photo by Azin Ghaffari / Postmedia

In Alberta schools, students are not required to wear masks when seated at desks and schools do not need to impose physical distancing when students are seated in classrooms .

Meanwhile, restaurateurs are following public health guidelines asking customers to mask themselves unless they sit at their table and eat.


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