Republicans Sentenced For Promoting “Notorious ACB” Shirts Days After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Death


A Republican fundraising group sparked controversy after they copied a nickname affectionately given to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and used it on a t-shirt to support President Donald Trump’s nomination for the most High Court of the Country, Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

WinRed, a grassroots fundraising group engaged in the election of Republicans, encouraged donors to show their support for the President’s candidate by purchasing the t-shirt, which featured an image of Judge Barrett and a wreath above of his head.

The shirt reads: “Notorious ACB”

Mr. Trump’s new candidate nickname was immediately seen as an interpretation of the nickname “The Notorious RBG,” allegedly given to Judge Ginsburg by a law student.

The justice of the peace adopted the nickname – a reference to legendary rapper Christopher Wallace, who went by the stage name The Notorious BIG – throughout his career.

GOP-led campaign committees, like the Republican National Senate Committee (NRSC), promoted the t-shirt on social media, prompting an immediate reaction from supporters of the late judge as well as Capitol lawmakers. Hill.

The jersey was also promoted by an official Twitter account for Republican Senator Marco Rubio’s re-election campaign. The account wrote on Saturday with an image of the shirt: “To support Amy Coney Barrett, we’ve made a shirt you can buy! Shirts are LIMITED, so get your own while you can!

Senator Chris Murphy released a statement saying the point of the shirt was “just to be horrible” and “to put a finger in the eyes of the grieving Ginsburg family and whoever was mourning their loss.”

He added: “It’s a reminder to do something – anything – tomorrow that will ensure that the people who did that are not responsible in January. “

California Governor Gavin Newsom simply wrote in a tweet, “It hurts my stomach.”

Meanwhile, CJ Wallace, the New York rapper’s son, told the Today Show that his father likely would have liked to share the nickname with Justice Ginsburg, who was appointed to the Supreme Court just four years before his father was born. was killed during a walk in 1997. while shooting.

“Brooklyn, New York, does not represent fear or confidence and speaking your truth, and my dad and Judge Ginsburg lived those words,” he said. “I think it would be honored to share the title ‘Notorious’ with her, and it’s up to us to honor their legacy by continuing to fight for equality and justice for all by voting and putting ourselves in trouble. .


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